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BUNKS-N-US is a small (but very rapidly growing, thank you) custom manufacturer of bunk and loft beds located in northeast, Georgia, near Toccoa. We are a family owned and operated firm and have been in the casual furniture business since July, 2005.

We work hard to ensure our clients the very best in custom affordable quality bunk beds. While we do not have a official “store”, we do sell direct to our customers thus saving them a significant retail markup. This allows us to sell sturdy, safe, turn key assembly, bunk and loft beds for an affordable price, not to be confused with cheap “junk bunks” (a bunk bed you “settle for” because of the price).

We do sell to stores, camps and schools, Universities, and Colleges but individuals and families get the same wholesale pricing. We make safe bunk beds for both kids and adults. In fact, our adult bunk beds is the fastest growing segment of our business.

We have essentially two series of bunk and loft beds;  Viking and Paul Bunyan. [Think  Buick® & Cadillac®]. There is a new upgrade to the Paul Bunyan series – the Commercial Grade bunk bed. This upgrade takes the PB series and adds 5 (or 6) proprietary process steps to ensure commercial clients the ultimate in adult bunk beds. This unit was developed for fraternity house use at the University of Southern California. We think you’ll agree that there is no tougher environment for furniture than a frat house. Need sturdy, adult bunk beds? Order our Commercial Grade Paul Bunyan bunks. There is no sturdier bunk bed on the market. Our commercial Twin bunk has been tested at 480 lbs (one level) and the Full at over 800 lbs. Don’t try that on a store-bought bunk bed.

By offering two series of bunk and loft beds and a wide variety of customizations and options we are able to provide every client with the perfect bunk bed for them. This includes children’s bunk beds, small bunk beds for toddlers, and full size bunk beds for adults, specialized bunks and loft beds for Dorm Room and Frat House use and ultra-luxury bunk beds for mountain lodges, hunting cabins and those who just want the very best available. Our Commercial Line of bunk and Loft beds are made to withstand constant service in tough environments – think Fraternity Houses. Nobody builds a sturdier bunk bed than BUNKS-N-US; NOBODY!

Viking lofts start at only $399 and are childrens bunk beds up through teens. The Paul Bunyan series begins at only $499 for a loft bed. Also available are full size bunk and loft beds as well as customs. Why, we even make Queen size bunk and loft beds. 70% of our sales are from the Paul Bunyan series; it’s the sturdiest bunk bed available anywhere at any price, and will last you for a very long time. ALL of bunk beds are constructed from solid, sturdy 2″ thick southern yellow pine. How strong are they? Visit our “Full/Full” section and scan through the pictures. Look for the five frat brothers on one bed. That’s over 800 lbs of them!

ALL of our twin bunk and loft beds take a regular twin size mattress. [Beware of some makes that use only a cot-size mattress, or a metric size.] There are many options available to enhance and personalize your bunk bed selection. Popular options include bunky boards, FULL DEPTH storage drawers, headboard book cases (with or without built-in lighting), trundle beds and delivery which includes set-up in your home. “Local” delivery is currently priced at only $75 for the first 50 miles. Beyond 50 miles, delivery is $1.75 per mile. (subj. to change w/o notice). “Local” is defined as anywhere we can get to and get back the same day. Distance delivery is available via LTL trucking, but does not include assembly. Delivery can be arranged to your driveway. Customer pick-up is also available at our Toccoa, GA facility. We currently deliver to all the lower 48 states.

We also make many styles of bunk beds; standard (one up/one down), L-Shape, Twin/Full, Twin beds, Loft beds, Captain’s Beds, Full/Full, Tall, Queen/Queen, Trundle beds, Triple bunk beds – almost anything you could want. Everything we make is sturdy, no “junk bunks” here.

A word about our Commercial Grade Bunk Beds. In August of 2012, we developed a series of commercial grade bunk beds in at the request of a fraternity house at The University of Southern California. They have a lot of pretty big guys there, including some on the football team. We came up with a number of proprietary manufacturing methods and specs that are not used by ANY bunk bed manufacturer in the industry. These developments insure that a BUNKS-R-US Comm. grade bunk is unsurpassed is strength as well as quality. As of Aug. 2014, we have sold over 220 of our commercial grade bunk beds including one on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. Our commercial grade bunk beds have been field tested with three grown men on the top bed at the same time. That was 480 lbs of load with NO adverse affects’ none!

All of our bunks are made of solid 2″ thick southern yellow pine. There is no particleboard, no plastic, no metal tubing or pipes and no wood trim-ends. Just for comparison, our local Big box store sells a bunk bed (made in China) for just under $200, that has 1″x3″ bed rails. Our bed rails are of 2″X 6” construction and prices start at only $399. Which would you want for your child?

We have a small showroom here in Toccoa, GA where customers, if they choose, can come, meet us, see our quality, sturdy and safe bunks and pick out a style make a stain choice and select from the list of options. You may also make your selection here on the website, then call 706-760-5043 and place your credit card order. For your safety, we never even write down your credit card number. Your data is keyed directly into our secure merchant account. Your receipt with the transaction number is instantly available for you on your e-mail.

Our option list includes full depth storage drawers, bunky boards, headboard bookcases, stairs, trundle beds, and even delivery & set-up service. We now also offer traditional beds, chest-of-drawers, dressers, night stands and wood frame mirrors and toddlers tables with chairs. Don’t forget, we now offer high quality mattresses made by LC Industries in Durham, NC. Superb quality mattresses at very competitive prices. Also, LCI is the largest employer of the blind in the United States. Good folks!

Some of our clients visit us and make their choice here. The showroom is open by appointment only, Monday thru Sat. Call or e-mail to make an appointment and we will send you directions. The majority of our customers prefer to make their decisions from our web site using e-mail and/or phone calls for details. Either way is fine with us.

We provide directions, hardware, everything needed to assemble your bed. All you need is some sandpaper, stain and a Phillips screw driver and a power drill with a 5mm hex bit.

A WORD ABOUT BUNK BED SAFETY: BUNKS-N-US discourages any child under 4 years old from using the top bunk. Do not place your bunk bed within reach of a ceiling mounted fan. Please caution your child to only use the headboard ladders for going up or down to the top bunk; Never let him/her go over the side rails to get down. On the upper bed, mattresses of 7″ thickness or less are recommended. The reason for this is that it allows 5″ from the top of the mattress to the top of the upper safety rail. A 7″ dense foam mattress is ideal. The possibility of the bunk bed tipping over is extremely slim. Our solid wood bunks are very heavy. However, a very strong and determined (yes, and stupid) teen could possibly tip one if he tried really hard. Keep a lid on the horsing around. Parents, you are the ultimate monitor of your child’s safety. Be sure they know how to behave on their bunk bed.

If you would like to visit us, please let us know, we’d love to work with you. Call us at 706-760-5043.

Thank you for visiting our web site, we look forward to serving you.

Tom and Linda Stephan


Proudly producing safe, high quality bunk beds made in America, by Americans and for Americans since July 2005.


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