Benefits to Owing a Bunk Bed

Like a lot of great innovations, bunk beds are thought to have first been used by the Ancient Egyptians. Back then, people are believed to have slept, quite uncomfortably, on animal skins, feathers or whatever else was around. Thus, the introduction of bunk beds must have been quite a change in sleep technology for the Ancient Egyptians. Today, modern bunk beds are light years ahead of the ones used by Ancient Egyptian and are just as comfortable as traditional beds. This is due to advances in sleep and design technology. In fact, our high end bunk beds have many advantages over traditional beds.

    • They are space savers: Bunk beds are perfect for use in small spaces such as a dorm or a child’s bedroom. They make excellent use of vertical space that might otherwise go unused. This means that more horizontal space can be used for furniture and other items.
    • Lofting offers more versatility than traditional beds: Owning a bunk bed opens up many different design and even storage possibilities. For example, some of our solid wood bunk beds have drawers built right into them. This makes them convenient and practical as one does not have to get out of bed at night to retrieve items they might need from their drawer or dresser.
    • They are economically sound: It is usually cheaper to purchase a bunk bed than it is to purchase two traditional beds. The money you save on purchasing one of our bunk beds can be used for other furnishings.
    • Kids love them: Bunk beds open up a whole world of imagination as children love climbing up and down on them and converting them into clubhouses.

bunk beds

Yes, bunk beds have come a long way in style and comfort since the makeshift beds first used by Ancient Egyptians. Nowadays they are a sturdy, well-crafted and practical addition that can complement many homes. Of course, they are most practical in homes where space is limited. Take a look at our gallery of beds. We are sure you will find a bed that will suit your needs as our products are very customizable.


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