What are Bunky Boards?

A. Bunky boards are a safety item. They are our MOST popular option. They take the place of traditional bed slats that most of our competitors still use. Our B’bds are made of ¾” A/C cabinet grade pine plywood and are screwed directly to the bed cleats. Although the B’bds cost $45 each, with them you don’t have to buy a box spring, so you actually save money! You need something to support your mattress. If you choose not to order the bunky boards, you will need to provide your own, or use slats. Only two customers in 8 years have opted not to order bunky boards.

Are your bunk beds made of real wood?

A. Absolutely! We use nothing but SOLID Southern pine in our bunks. Unlike many of our competitors, we DO NOT use: particle board, plywood, plastics, metal pipes or tubing, or sawmill trim ends. Many competitors use eastern white pine, a very soft and weaker pine cousin. Nothing but natural, SOLID Southern Yellow Pine. SYP is the strongest of all domestic softwoods.

Do you finance or take credit cards?

A. YES !!! As of June 1, 2011, we accept VISA/Master Card/Discover. As always, we accept personal checks, bank checks for a local bank, or cash. With cash or check, we ask for one half the sale price as a deposit and the balance when delivered or picked up. We will take AMEX, but there is a 6% surcharge.

How long does it take to get my bunk bed?

A. Normally it takes 5 to 10 days from the receipt of your deposit or card clearance. With the ECObunks, the time is 3 days. Note: ECObunks are picked up and assembled by the customer. Note that the delivery time is dependent on the shop workload. Also note that more time may be needed in Nov. and Dec. “Just before Christmas” deliveries are considered but we advise you to get on the list early.

What’s the difference between a Viking bunk bed and a Paul Bunyan?

A. The Viking is our mid-line bunk bed, like a Buick. The Paul Bunyan is our Top-of-the-Line bunk, think Cadillac. The Paul Bunyan is sturdier. The Viking is appropriate for kids up through teens. The Paul Bunyan is sturdy enough for even good sized adults. The main difference is that there are more 2X6’s used in the construction of a Paul Bunyan.

Is there a place where I can see the bunk beds?

A. Yes. Although we don’t have a store (thus saving our customers money) we have a small showroom here in Toccoa, GA. It is open Mon. through Sat. by appointment only. You are welcome to come and see our work, meet us and make your decision here. We have found, however, that most customers today are comfortable making their purchases using the internet, e-mail and telephone (706-760-5043).
Either way is fine with us?

Can I pick up my bunk bed myself?

A. Absolutely. While most of our customers choose the delivery and set-up option, you can save the delivery cost by coming to get it yourself. We have complete assembly instructions and all hardware is included. The headboards are pre-assembled on our assembly jigs. All you have to do is install the bed rails and safety rails. You’ll need modest mechanical skills, a helper and simple tools. You WILL need a full size pick up truck or van to transport it home.

How are the bunk beds finished?

A. Are bunk bed parts are planed, then chips and nicks are puttied, then we triple sand and stain the parts with two coats of wood stain followed by two coats of semi-gloss lacquer. Note: The ECObunks come un-sanded and un-finished, so that part is up to you.

Do you sell mattresses?

A. YES !!! As of Nov. 14th, 2013, we handle quality mattresses made by LC Industries in Durham, NC. High quality mattresses at reasonable prices. Shipped directly to you from their factory; just like our bunk beds. Please do not use a mattress on the top bunk thicker than 7″ for safety reasons.