We’ve looked all over for good quality wooden bunk beds, they run a small fortune! How can you sell yours for so little?

A. It’s simple. We are a small company. We have no store and no massive overhead. A store would double the price of our products – at least. We don’t try to “make a killing” on our work. We do one thing – make bunk beds – and we do it very well. If you can find a better bunk bed or a better value bunk anywhere, buy it. But you won’t. Our customers tell us so.

What is the “local” delivery charge?

A. There is no firm definition of “local”, however, the charge – including bunk set-up in your home – is $75 within 50 miles of our Toccoa shop (measured one way). Beyond the 50 mile distance, just figure $1.75 per mile. Beyond 250 miles, there is a $100 surcharge. Give us your address and we’ll calculate the charge for you. The mileage charge is subject to change without notice depending on gasoline cost.
There is an additional charge of $20 for any bunk with the word “Full” in the name and also for a second floor delivery.

Will you paint my bunk bed?

A. Yes, BUT. We really prefer the natural beauty of wood grain. In the past, when a customer has asked about a painted finish, we usually suggested that they do that part themselves. The pictures we have seen have been quite nice. You may deduct $30 if you want to do the staining or painting yourself.

Recently, a nice lady in Alabama, named Shannon had us paint her son’s bunk bed gloss black. It turned out beautiful, BUT, instead of taking 3 to 5 hours in finishing, it took the better part of 3 days! Consequently, we now have “Shannon’s rule”. We will paint your bunk bed for you, however there is a charge of $100 above the cost of the bunk ($200 if you want gloss black). If the word “Full” or “Tall” are in the name of the bunk bed, add $50. If both of those words appear, the charge is $100. Check out the stain color charts elsewhere in the website. There is a nearly black stain called “Ebony” which is beautiful and costs nothing extra. Also, there is a stain color called “white Oak” (not shown) which is similar to a flat white paint, but is really a water-based stain. The grain still shows through. Add $20 for white oak. Call us with questions. 706-760-5043.

[Had you noticed that the root word of “paint” is pain?]