Full / Full Bunks

A Full/Full bunk bed is pretty much self described. It is a just like a standard bunk bed (twin over twin) except that both beds are Full size. Because these models are designed to accomodate FOUR adults (or ????? kids)there is significant added support structure. Full/Full bunks are available only in the Paul Bunyan series and include bunky boards top and bottom. Most customers order the Tall option which adds 6″ more headroom for the lower sleeper. An 8 ft ceiling is recommended for the Tall. With the Tall, most adults can sit upright on both units (assuming you have the recommended 7″ thick mattress).

Available in:

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Popular Options Include
Full depth storage drawers $ 299 pr
Headboard bookcase
$ 155
Built-in lighting for above $ 129
Built-in bulletin board $ 45
Tall (includes an extra rear support rail) $ 60
Stain under upper bunky $ 50
“Tall” option. Adds 6″ to lower bunk headroom $ 40
3 darkest stain choices $ 40
Height: standard (measured at the top of the corner post) = 64-1/2″, Tall = 70-1/2″ .
Length:  = 81″.
Depth (out from the wall)  60″

Stain Choices