Twin / Full Bunks

The Twin/Full (Twin over Full)bunk bed is an awesome bunk bed! We even have one in our guest bedroom. They are growing rapidly in popularity. This is probably because they are both beautiful and practical. Three average adults can sleep comfortably in a Twin/Full bunk. I shudder to think how many kids could jam into one! These are available in the Paul Bunyan series only and come complete with bunky boards top and bottom. Remember, with bunky boards you won’t need a box spring, so you actually save money. Additionally, there is added structure in the Full section beneath the bunky board to support two adults. A super value at only $909. See picture gallery for details.

Popular options include built-in headboard bookcases, hidden lighting inside the bookcases, storage drawers, staining under the upper bunky board, and built-in bulletin boards in the back of the lower unit–a good place to put “To-Do” lists, school or club awards, etc.

Available in:

  • Paul BunyanOnly $909 plus selected options. Price includes bunky boards top and bottom and the added full sub-structure. No one builds a Full/Twin Bunk Bed like BUNKS-N-US; NO ONE!

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Popular Options Include
Twin depth storage drawers (39″ inside) $ 299 pr
Twin trundle bed $ 299
Full trundle bed $ 399
Stairs with drawers $ 750
Stairs without drawers $ 500
Headboard book case (top or bottom)
$ 135
Built-in lighting for above $ 109
Built-in bulletin board $ 40
Stain under upper bunky $ 40
“Tall” option. Adds 6″ to lower bunk headroom $ 40
3 darkest stain choices $ 40
Height: standard (measured at the top of the corner post) = 64-1/2″, Tall = 70-1/2″ .
Length:  = 81″
Depth (out from the wall)  60″
Please note that most of our Twin/Full customers also order the “Tall” option. This allows the average adult to sit up on both the lower beds. It is advisable to have at least 8 ft ceilings with the “Tall.”

Stain Choices