A Standard bunk bed has two twin beds, one above the other.

When you close your eyes, and I say "bunk bed", that's the image that pops into your mind.

are: 64-1/2" high, 81" long and 42-1/2" deep.

The standard height is 64-1/2" at the corner posts is adequate for lower ceiling heights of 7'-6". The Paul Bunyan series is available in a "Tall" model which is 70-1/2" at the corner posts. A minimum 8ft ceiling height is needed. Also, an "X-Tra Tall" model is available for your basketball player. Call for pricing.


An L-Shape bunk bed is really a Loft bed with a separate twin bed below it. Either one can be used separately, or they can be set together as in this sketch. If desired, a desk or small dresser could be placed in the space below the loft portion. We can provide a built-in desk in this space, and dressers are now available. If a desk is desired, it might be advisable to also order a Tall Loft bed to provide sufficient head room. Tall units are available only in the Paul Bunyan series because of the added strength of that series.

Dimensions are: 64-1/2" high, 81" long and 83" out from the wall measured at the lower twin bed. Of course, the twin bed can be moved anywhere you want. "Tall" units are 70-1/2" high and require an 8 ft ceiling height for proper headroom on the upper bunk.


Full/Twin bunk beds are a wonderful piece of bedroom furniture. They are among the most popular and practical bunk beds you can own. They will easily sleep three average adults or a whole "passel" of kids. It comes as one integral unit, meaning the bottom full bed does not separate. This bunk bed comes complete with bunky boards both top and bottom. There is also considerable additional structure under the full bed section to support most robust users. It is built like a battleship! (see picture gallery for details).

Dimensions are: 64-1/2" high, 81" long and 58-1/2" deep. The most popular option by far is the "Tall" option. This adds 6" of headroom for the lower bed and an 8 ft ceiling height is recommended. The next most popular option here is the storage drawers which hold as much as a four drawer dresser. These make a fabulous unit for a guest bedroom (just like in our house). Other popular options are headboard bookcases and lighting for them.


Full/Full bunk beds are, as the name suggests, just like a standard bunk bed except that both beds are full size. These are available only in our Paul Bunyan series. Like all BUNKS-R-US beds with the word "Full" in the name, the bunky boards are included plus there is significant structural support built into each unit.

Dimensions are: 64-1/2" high, 81" long and 58-1/2" deep. These are almost always ordered with the "tall" option which is 70-1/2" tall. The Full/Full bunk bed will accomodate four normal adults or most of the neighborhood kids. The usual options are available (drawers, bookcases, etc).


Loft beds or Loft bunks are a twin bed raised up to free-up the floor space below. They are especially great for smaller rooms where floor space is at a premium. Teens also love Loft beds because they are different than a regular bed. Loft bunks are perfect for students from elementry grades through college.

Dimensions are: 64-1/2" high, 81" long and 42-1/2" deep. The "Tall" option adds 6" to the height (Paul Bunyan models only).

The Paul Bunyan Tall Loft Bed is now available with a nearly indescribable Study Center underneath. The study center consists of a 75" long desk, a 75" long bookcase above the desk, lighting for the whole length of the desk, a bulletin board for pictures and those sports pennants, plus a white board for notes. There's room for books, work space and a computer without crowding anything. Order yours today. Pictures will be available soon.

A Full Loft bed is now available in the Paul Bunyan series. Call for details.


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We will still provide the most affordable, quality, safe and sturdy solid pine bunks beds we always have. We offer single sale or large quantity sales to Schools, Camps, Universities and Collages. Call Today to Learn more

Bunks R Us has a goal ... To provide the best quality, affordable, sturdy, and safe solid pine bunkbeds for adults and children available. We offer a wide variety of styles, finishes, an options. We work hard to provide all of our clients with the perfect custom made to order bunk bed for there needs. Check out our options below for more details. We are sure you will agree that we offer the most affordable custom bunkbeds anywhere!

Let your immagination run free! Here is where you can order something that you don't see anywhere else. Want a Twin/Queen bunk bed? We can do that. Looking for an X-Tra Long/X-Tra Tall loft bed for your teen basketball player? We can do that too. Let us know what you'd really like to have. We delivered our first Triple bunk bed in Sept. 2011 for a family mountain top get-away cabin. All three kids sleep in it. We've done a couple of Tall Queen Loft beds. The only real limitations here are safety and your budget. The motto of the Custom Bunk department is: "If we can put a man on the moon, we can..............". [you fill-in the blank] Call us, we can do it!